Website Statistics in Control Panel

To see your website statistics you can login to your Control Panel and click "Website Statistics" You will see the details that of your website which is:

          Files (a file): Every hit that actually also where something is returned; a picture or page counts as a “file”. Not all hits give something back, for example if a non-existent page is requested (you see this in your browser as a 404-Not Found, just look at∞. That page therefore yields 1 hit, but no file. Also files that were locally cached by your computer do not give a file; the file does not have to be sent again.

           Hint: By looking at the difference between hits and files, you can make a rough estimate of repeat visits, since people who visit your website often have cached (previously viewed) files.

          Sites (address): The number of unique IP addresses that have made a request to your website. Although at first glance a good estimate for the number of unique visitors, you have to take into account the fact that an IP address is not unique per computer, but per “internet connection” (within large companies or universities hundreds or thousands 
of people of 1 address).

          Visits (visit): Counts when a unique address (site) makes a request to your website for the first time. As long as the site continues to send requests within a period of 30 minutes, this counts for 1 visit. If no further request from this site is received for 30 minutes, a new visit will be counted at the next request. A visit counts only if a real “page” (page) is requested. If someone just looks at a picture that is not a visit.

          Page (page): All real pages; for example html or php files, and individual images or videos. See also the explanation of visits and / or frequently asked questions.

          kB F (kB Files): Every time a file is requested from your website, this costs a bit of data traffic. KB Files displays the total amount of traffic that your website files have generated.

          Kbyte (KB): Used to show data usage, see also the used data traffic in the Control Panel. For conversion: 1000 KB is 1 MB (Megabyte). 1000 MB is 1 GB (Gigabyte).

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