Complete email verification with SPF, DKIM and DMARC

Via your Control Panel at you can easily setup all modern security standards in a few minutes.

This will improve emaildelivery.

  1. Log in at your Control Panel: and click the domain you want to setup
  2. Click Email settings in the main menu (under management), and then click the tab "Advanced Settings".
  3. You can see the settings that have already been activated (for new plans, SPF is active by default). This will look like this for example. Start from left to right and turn the options on. If SPF is already green, you can click DKIM, and skip to step 6!

    Otherwise you click on SPF first. You will be redirected to DNS settings and you see the SPF generator (see picture at step 4).

4. If you don't do anything special with your email, like sending newsletters via Mailchimp, you can simply click Generate. And in the screen after that click Create to create the SPF record.

The default value is, which indicates that email can be sent via our servers:

v=spf1 ~all

If you use multiple services to send emails (eg. Fastmail, or an invoice program) you can add them as follows.

There is a limit of 10 lookups in the spf system. You can check this with f.e. this tool.

WARNING: The actual values can be requested from the services you use, the following is just an example. Replace them with the real values.

v=spf1 ~all

5. Navigate back to Email Settings and then once again select the Advanced Settings tab. You should see that SPF has been activated (green ON).

6. Now click the DKIM button. This process will start and takes about 1 minute to complete. Wait for the green ON.

7. If DKIM is completed, you can move to DMARC and click the button.

8. It is very important to test everything works well! The easiest option we found is to use the website You can copy the emailaddress they give you and send them an email from your email software. The contents don't matter. After you've sent the email, click "Check your Score" on that website.

The score doesn't have to be 10/10! As long as there's a green checkbox at "You're properly authenticated".

9. Optional: If there's no green checkbox, click on it to see what went wrong. If you can't figure it out, please email our support with the results, including the URL of your test (copy from the browser) so we can assist you better.

Ready! Time to send some emails?!

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